In the Water

SCS Self defense and Survival in the Water is designed to reduce the fear of water, instill self-confidence and develop the ability to survive in aquatic environments.

The training helps you feel more confident in the water and the most important is that it is not hard. It teaches you to relax, breathe and survive in self defense or danger situations.

Course Topics

  • What to do in the water
  • Water Survival Techniques Survival in the River, Lake and Sea
  • See how to Control your Fear and Panic
  • How to Escape from a Sinking Car
  • How to Evacuate a Sinking Car
  • Physiology of Drowning
  • Hypothermia Prevention – Survival in Cold Water
  • Defenses with Stick in the Water
  • Conditioning Exercises
  • Rolls to Evade Drowning
  • Kicks & Punches
  • Escapes from Holds
  • Defenses against Stick
  • Defenses against Knife
  • Defenses against Gun
  • Defenses with Knife in the Water
  • Defenses with Gun in the Water

No experience is needed. Everyone is welcome! Every skill level will be accommodated. The presented techniques can be used for the training of workers in Security jobs, Bodyguards, Police, Military Services and for Citizens.

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