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Hand to Hand Combat

10 Weeks
All levels
24 lessons
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The goal of this course is to present the same or similar responses with minor corrections on a large number of different situations. To adapt the same technique and response to a large variety of attacks. It is extremely hard and almost impossible to learn and automatize different technique for a different situation.

Today, most people don’t have enough time to dedicate to serious and long term training. That’s why we think that the key to modern man’s self-protection is to become efficient in the shortest time possible.  This course gives you exactly that! Using the number of techniques trainee can adapt to different attack with the accent on using gross motor skills which are dominant under stress, students will learn how to survive and prevail anytime, anywhere with any weapon!

Don’t wait for something bad to happen to you or your family. Be proactive! Start now! Learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones in the shortest time possible. You never know which day is going to be THAT day! Train smart, be ready!

What you’ll learn

  • Learn to defend yourself, to fight, survive and prevail ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, WITH ANY WEAPON against any opponent!
  • After the completion of the course, students will be able to defend themselves with bare hands
  • Learn most effective battle-tested techniques which can save your life and life of your loved ones
  • You will learn that you don’t need 1000 techniques for 1000 different situations, but few well-learned techniques that you can connect and combine whether you defend yourself with bare hands or with a weapon.
  • You’ll learn how to protect yourself using nothing but bare hands
  • You will learn how to, with minor adjustment execute the same technique in different situations against one or two attackers whether they are armed or not, and whether you’re armed or not
  • Learn the safety tips rules and apply them. Learn What to do in the home, hotel room, restaurant, on the street in the car, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, WITH ANY WEAPON

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • There are no prerequisites in terms of previous martial arts knowledge and skill
  • As a student, you should have a specific mindset, and you have to take this extremely serious. Presented techniques are potentially extremely dangerous and should be exercised with extreme caution.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn self-defense no matter the size, gender or age.
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Founder and Chief Instructor of Soko Combat System
Born in 1975. Started practicing martial arts from early age. During the training I was searching for system that can develop individual to be efficient and operational in real situations in shortest time possible. From various systems I've trained I extracted the most useful parts and incorporated in system we today call Soko Combat System.

Instructor in several martial arts and combat systems, former bodyguard with extensive military and security experience. Works as an instructor with civilians, security personel, police and military special forces. Conducted several courses in counter terrorist units and ministry of justice. Participated in training as an instructor for CQC for members of peace keeping mission in Somalia (Maritime Security). Founder and chief instructor of Soko Combat System