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H2H Combat – Gun Threat & Impact Weapon Defense

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Dealing with an armed assailant is vastly different than having to fend off an unarmed one. The situations further differ depending on the type of weapon. Defense against impact weapons like Baseball Bats, Sticks and everything that can be used as a blunt weapon is least demanding. However, it should not be taken lightly because it can cause serious injuries, even death. Taking care of the weapon threat takes priority which demands a certain mindset. Consisting of many reality drills, Level 2 of self-defense will prepare you for that.

Defending a gun threat demands a specific state of mind. Even if you would never choose to stand up to a gun, there are scenarios in which you might be compelled to do so. For such situations, it’s beneficial to know how you might solve this problem. As a skill is useless without an intent to act, this course targets both.

This course is addressing both, defense against the most common impact weapon attacks and gun threats.

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Igor Grujic

Founder and Chief Instructor of Soko Combat System
Born in 1975. Started practicing martial arts from early age. During the training I was searching for system that can develop individual to be efficient and operational in real situations in shortest time possible. From various systems I've trained I extracted the most useful parts and incorporated in system we today call Soko Combat System.

Instructor in several martial arts and combat systems, former bodyguard with extensive military and security experience. Works as an instructor with civilians, security personel, police and military special forces. Conducted several courses in counter terrorist units and ministry of justice. Participated in training as an instructor for CQC for members of peace keeping mission in Somalia (Maritime Security). Founder and chief instructor of Soko Combat System