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Security Guards

A security officer at the door has a variety of different duties. From emergency evacuations in the case of fire, flood, storms, to an active shooter threat, a doorman has to make sure that people are safely evacuated in an orderly fashion, to assess the situation and inform the Emergency Services (police, firefighters etc.). As a part of our course, all above-mentioned procedures will be taught and rehearsed.

Level two Security Guard – Doorman course is designed as an addition to Level 1 where participants will learn self-defense against most common threats and attacks in our hand to hand module. Also, the course will cover self-defense against multiple opponents. In addition, participants will learn techniques and tactic how to control the people in emergency situations.

A Cash & Valuables Transportation Security Officer of has a duty to provide covert armed cash and valuables transportation for clients that require protection during business deals or operational support for the movement of cash or items of value between businesses, safe havens or financial institutions. Our course teaches the safe use of firearms along with batons and handcuffs, defensive tactics and operational planning. The course is also designed to train security guards to work in the collection, transfer and/or delivery of cash and valuables.

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