About Us

Igor Grujic

Founder and Chief Instructor of Soko Combat System

Born in 1975. Started practicing martial arts from early age. During the training I was searching for system that can develop individual to be efficient and operational in real situations in shortest time possible. From various systems I’ve trained I extracted the most useful parts and incorporated in system we today call Soko Combat System.

Instructor in several martial arts and combat systems, former bodyguard with extensive military and security experience. Works as an instructor with civilians, security personel, police and military special forces. Conducted several courses in counter terrorist units and ministry of justice. Participated in training as an instructor for CQC for members of peace keeping mission in Somalia (Maritime Security). Founder and chief instructor of Soko Combat System.


About Soko Combat

SCS is not a martial art. It is complex system of training which aim is to train person for self-defense in real life conditions, considering his personal natural mental and physical abilities in shortest time possible.

First SCS is developed and intended for Serbian Special Forces purpose, based on a need to train a man for close combat for a in shortest time. Soon it is realized that it is also suitable for police and other security and protection services, and of course for civilians who want fast to learn how to fight.

SCS appear naturally as a result of many years practicing and studding martial arts, and doing different jobs in security business. It is developed by scientific methods: analyzing, abstracting and synthesizing certain parts of best martial arts as: Wing Chun, Ninjutsu, Krav Maga, Russian system, Kali Escrima, Real Aikido, Tai Chi Chuan, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu…

Lot of times people ask which martial art is the best (ultimate) or what can be recommended for them to start practicing.
Answer is simple – there is no ultimate martial art. If there is one than all people will practice that one and other will be soon disappeared. That is why SCS extracted best of all and puzzle in complex and same time simple combat system.
Neither one martial art includes all aspects of close combat, where is combined all weapons from bare hands, over sticks and blades, to fire arms. Nearest to that is ninjutsu, but you need lot of years of practice that you can use it in practice.
SCS uses more martial art parts which by itself have very good answers on particular life situations. For example Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has best developed ground flour fighting technique and system how to train it.

Kali Escrima gives us best work with stick and knife.
Krav Maga have well developed and very realistic approach to training.
Ninjutsu gives good basics and principals for use different types of weapons, and also methods of training fight in all conditions, while from Ju Jutsu (part of Ninjutsu) was taken lot of good techniques bare hand fighting (Hand to hand – H2H)
Russian system first took in consider scientific basics of body biomechanics. It gave different way of accepting and giving punches and also some new methods of training that are bit different than traditional which are exceeded during time. By that way results are achieved very fast.
Thai chi chi gong is excellent energetic and anti stress program for fast recovering after stress situations, hard trainings, and also in order to improve general health condition. Lot of people from security business don’t use this program so it often accrues that they very soon “over burn” and start to learn narcotics. Thai chi chi gong can help maintaining physical stability of men.

For any martial arts you need years and years of hard training and practice to achieve certain level needed for real self-defense, which by it self isn’t a guarantee of success, exactly because un real approach to training, while to become a master you need much more. Nowadays man , who lives fast doesn’t have so much time. And that’s why SCS gives you opportunity to for a relatively short time any one learns to apply self-defense in totally real conditions.
Thus, main advantage of SCS is shortest way to your aim.

– Method of training
– Simplicity
– All inclusive – Universal,-
– Speed of training
– Realistic approach through making real fight situations
– Respects a 3E principles. Economy (your time, money, energy), Efficiency (learn fast dont lose time on rubbish), Effective (practical application of learned skills).
– And above all producing unbreakable spirit and iron will.

SCS offers you training frome various downlisted areas:

1. Hand to hand fight,
2. Tactical use of blade,
3. Tactical use of hand stick,
4. Tactical use of tonfa
5. Tactical use of chain,
6. Tactical use of spray,
7. Tactical use of improvised items,
8. Fight in confined space,
9. Fight in car,
10. Fight in water,
11. Fight in Low Light conditions,
12. Fight using hands and weapons,
13. Fighting using military weapon and equipment,
14. Antistress program,
15. Defence Tactics For Security Professionals
16. Fight with pistol

All of those areas can be considered as more different and independent courses which all together are SCS.
If U are not able to practice SCS U can arrange one or few day seminar or course, from issues listed upward, depending what you decide. Of course, once you try SCS you’ll wish to complete all, so you will long to attend as much as possible courses.

The contest is open for instructors SCS! If You are interested in, You can apply from any country of the world! You can contact us by email igor@sokocombatsystem.com

SCS Instructor Course could attend:

– Persons who want to pass course to complete their system, but not want to open SCS School.
– Persons who want to open SCS School in their city.

What you can do it with SCS Instructor Material:

– You can run Soko Combat System courses in your school or other schools.
– You can Mix Soko Combat System material into your existing program.
– You can open SCS School in your City.

You need to have:

– Age: over 20.
– Background: minimum four years in martial arts
– A clean criminal record
– A teaching background is an advantage.

There is possibility of coming to the Training Center in Serbia to train individually or in groups up to 10 people, and you can book dates for SCS Instructor Training.

Learn From Experienced Professionals